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Mouths of Illusion have completed their inaugural video, text and physical installation BEYOND THE MACHINE for 17 days in the New Zealand 2020 Fringe Festival. With over 1000 people through the door and vigorous debate from visitors on the exhibition's technological, consumerist and spiritual themes, and despite the tragic passing of our great friend and collaborator Nick Kealey one week before opening, MOUTHS OF ILLUSION continue to nail the Zeitgeist! Further text and video works will appear here, on Youtube and through our MAILING LIST. 

Wellington + Sydney video artists, musicians, sculptors, writers, actors NICHOLAS KEALEY and NICHOLAS FROST

Where public space for art is competitive, cliquey or tendentious, we critique the character of MACHINE – 

the technological, consumerist, medial, cultural, spiritualist paradigms and propagandas of this culture. Cut-through soundbites – MANTRAS told by big-brother guru faces – soothe a world of minimum attention-span, instant body-soul gratification, conformism to utopian beliefs, need to be ‘liked’, want for continuous superficial happiness without its necessary opposites. Big-scale VIDEO plus big-scale text, sculpture and sound deliver obsessive messaging. Sensory-emotive-intellectual lures deliver the ironies of hypnosis and alienation. Gratify your transcendent wanting with hypnotic wise cool propagandist dystopian machine MANTRA THERAPY.



        www.mouthsofillusion.com             nfrost@odp.com.au     

Australia:   +61 414 414 658       NZ:  +64 22 474 6530      


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